Should you sell your muse business?

The 4-Hour Workweek talks a lot about creating a muse.  A muse is essentially a type of business specifically geared to enable your dreamlines. This means a muse is created to create enough cash to finance your dreamline, without being to much of a distraction.

Given these constraints, should you ever consider selling your muse?  Even if the muse provides you with your target monthly income?  Some people have shown regret when selling their business (e.g. Ian and Dan).  To be fair, when someone has regret, mostly the business was not a muse, but more.  A form of lifestyle.  A means for connections.

Recently I came across the book The Parallel Entrepreneur by Ryan Buckley.  This book offers a great perspective on entrepreneurship and selling your business (although not specifically geared to the 4-Hour Workweek).  Basically Ryan says that you should always have a number in mind.  And that number or the amount of cash you sell for needs to be based on a meaningful exit for you and your situation and your business.  He argues, as is the tenet of his book: you can always create another business.

A man selling.

A man selling.

Ryan’s argument sounds to be good to be true.  It is, because creating a new business might be hard.  Still I think in the context of a muse this is good advice.  Sell when you have a good offer.  Ryan goes on to explain how to have your business ready for a sale.  This advice is very good, even if you are not planning on selling your muse.

The book is a short read, and I recommend it really.

Seth Godin’s Startup School

Have you ever thought of “doing” a startup?  For most, “startup” just means a business (idea).  There are now hundreds of online courses peddling entrepreneur education, from simple Udemy courses to full online MBA’s.  But one of the best is still Seth Godin’s Startup School, a raw recording of lectures he gave in the summer of 2012.  Seth spend 3 days with starting entrepreneurs and showed them how to approach starting a business.

You can listen for free here:

Favour reading?  Kevin Evans has transcribed the whole startup school.  You can download a pdf here:

Good luck!