The NOT TO DO list

(not) to do list


The interwebs are full of talk on to-do lists.  That’s nice (and sometimes often helpful). A to-do list can help you reach your dreamline. Have you ever thought of using a not-to-do list?

A not-to-do list is a simple list of activities you’d rather not do.  Things that get in your way and occupy time. Think of:

  1. websurfing
  2. re-shuffling stuff on your desk
  3. checking your email every few minutes
  4. having your phone next to your bed
  5. daily shopping

It’s easy to write down a not-to-do list.  But how can you prevent yourself from doing something on the list?  A simple option is to learn a new habit with each unwanted activity.  For example, each time you start websurfing, you also get some coffee (as a new habit).  This new habit then allows you to reflect on websurfing and consciously decide not to-do it.

Try it.  It may work.

Image courtesy of GregMontani

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