What is dreamlining?



Dreamlining is the systematic process of outlining your ideal lifestyle and making a plan to realize your dreams.

The definition is straight from Wiktionary:

Etymology: Blend of dream and streamlining, coined by Timothy Ferriss.
Noun: dreamlining (uncountable)
 A technique for achieving one's personal dreams based on writing
 them down and performing time and cost calculations.

Dreamlining was introduced in the book “The Four-Hour Workweek” (4hww) by Tim Ferriss.

It starts by defining dreams in the categories of:

  • having
  • being
  • doing

Once you listed your dreams, you have to prioritize and choose the most important/exciting/unrealistic dreams. Given these, estimate the cost to realize each dream within a set time frame. The next step is to make a plan of actionable steps, starting now, going to tomorrow and the day after. That’s it.

To bring dreamlining into practice and achieve the dreams obviously more steps are required, but it is often the case that once you started it is possible to keep going. A step by step howto for dreamling is here.

To quote Tim Ferriss: “Dreamlining will be fun, and it will be hard. The harder it is, the more you need it.” (4hww)

Somehow you also need to cover the cost of your dreams. Tim Ferriss introduced the concept of a muse for this. A muse is an automated way of financing your dreamlines.

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